Very slick

PPG laid out slick

Out of the booth

Hood lines

Fade under clear

Gold on yellow fade

Fade work

Final prep before paint

Scroll art in the glove box

Filler primer again

Creating a body line

Finished product

In progress

Frenched antenna

Much better

Old jamb was toast

Nice gaps

Line up work

Rust repair

One piece

In with the new

Looking better

Color sanding with a block


And the third round of clear

Second round of clear

After the drop coat

Lower grill piece in clear


The hundo marks the emblem spot

Painted to match Harley bags

Much better

Won’t be needing these any more

Spray out for color match

Checking out the metallic in the sun

Prepping for epoxy

Ready for clear

Like glass

After some polish

Gorgeous Harley color

Cut n’ buff on a 70 Chevelle

and round three

Round two

Round one of clear

Checking lines and fitment

Body working

67 Impala in epoxy primer

Deep clear on the 69 Nova fenders

Practicing patina on Yetis